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What is Potassium Iodide?

Potassium Iodide, frequently referred to by its chemical symbol, KI, is a salt, similar to table salt. Its primary use is to block radioactive iodide from entering the thyroid gland, thus preventing thyroid damage from radioactive exposure. Potassium Iodide should be stored by families and organizations for proper nuclear preparedness.

“The purpose of radiological emergency preparedness is to protect people from the effects of radiation exposure after an accident at a nuclear power plant. Evacuation is the most effective protective measure in the event of a radiological emergency because it protects the whole body (including the thyroid gland and other organs) from all radionuclides and all exposure pathways. Administering KI can be a reasonable, prudent, and inexpensive supplement to in-place sheltering and evacuation.” – United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission,

Dosing requirements for ThyroSafe™ are dependent on the age and weight of the person to be protected.  Below are the different parameters for how much to take on a daily basis if a nuclear emergency has been declared.  Never take ThyroSafe™ unless told to do so by the appropriate government health official.


Predicted Thyroid gland exposure (cGy) KI dose (mg) Number or fraction of 65 mg tablets
Adults over 18 through 40 years > 10 130 2
Pregnant or Lactating Women > 5 130 2
Adolescents, 12 through 18 years* > 5 65 1
Children over 3 years through 12 years > 5 65 1
Children 1 month through 3 years > 5 32 ½
Infants birth through 1 month > 5 16 Use KI oral solution**

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